US Poetry Magazine - Welcome
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USA Poetry Magazine - Welcome

USA Poetry Magazine publishes great poetry by poets in the USA and
around the world.

Published and edited by Kirk Ramdath.

A project of
Wax Poetry and Art.

USA Poetry Magazine publishes the winners of the Poets of the USA
, which is open to submissions from residents of the USA.

This publication hosts the
US Poetry Contest, which is open to
international participants.

USA Poetry Magazine accepts regular submissions from residents of
the USA.

Go to the
USA Poetry Magazine Submissions page. Additional
submission opportunities can be viewed on the
Wax Poetry and Art
Submissions page.

Send questions and comments by email to

About the Editor
Kirk Ramdath is the publisher and editor of Wax Poetry and Art, Eleventh
Transmission, and other publications. He has been a poet and publisher
since 2005, originally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His first book
Love in a Handful of Dust. Kirk now lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia.
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