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"Friend or Foe" by Chanze Nembhard


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Published September 1, 2021

Friend or Foe

by Chanze Nembhard
(Brooklyn, New York, USA)

Here ye, here ye. You must listen to me
For what I must say could paralyze you
A deadly kiss from a brown recluse
You're a nobody turned kemosabe

Like a war vet, my dog tags are bruised
They tell the story of us: paradise
Please pass the pudding as I have no proof
Of a primrose path - or is it demise

Either way my heart will keep on mourning
Unseen and unheard until I'm a woman scorning

Chanze Nembhard is new to the world of publications, but not new to the writing world. At only 23-years-old, he focuses on poetry from his hometown of Brooklyn, NY, with a knack for sonnets, haikus, and free-verse poems, Chanze is a powerhouse at creatively expressing everyday tasks in the form of witty words.

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