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"Nostalgia" by Chigozirim Miracle Nwaosu


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Published August 31, 2021


by Chigozirim Miracle Nwaosu
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Give me those years:
When I giggled in torn clothes
Peeped to watch television
In a neighbour's
Played barefooted in Africa's dust
And licked my mucus when I cried

Give me those years:
When I prayed to fall sick
So that father could buy
Lucozade boost
Screamed oyoo yoo when
Mother returned
And played ten ten with neighbours

Give me those years:
When I played mother
With my dull baby strapped
At my back
I ate Speedy, Cabin
And Fish biscuits
Without bothering to know the price

Give me those years:
When I was asked to close
My eyes
Because adults kissed in a movie,
When I winked my eyes, tongued out
And gave shegeh to older siblings

Give me those years of innocence
And ignorance

Give me my childhood
Of Blessed Memories.

Nwaosu, Chigozirim Miracle is an essayist, writer, blogger and poet. She has written a handful of articles which have been accepted and published in Nigerian Newspapers. She has an eye for the New Media and uses these outlets as a tool for social awareness and sensitization while critically analysing modern and contemporary issues in the country. She is particularly an enthusiastic fellow whose writing steams up from social realities.

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