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"Man's Best Friend" by Hilary McRee Flanery


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Published May 1, 2022

Man's Best Friend

by Hilary McRee Flanery
(Crestwood, Missouri, USA)

A man's best friend
If you please
Is not a dog
But cheddar cheese.

A cheese whose taste
Runs sharp or mellow
Why cheese with beer
Can help a fellow

And make him look
Like a handsome hunk
When he passes some
To a girl that's drunk

In the local pub
If truth be told
When the girls get silly
Then cheese is gold

Where drafts of beer
Make you look better
As she gulps them down
With a side of cheddar!

Hilary McRee Flanery writes fiction & poetry and had a collection of her poems, A Breath of Home, published by Requiem Press in 2008. She has been in numerous community theatre productions over the last 20 years also, being a life long Thespian, but her real claims to fame have been "Opening Nights" in leading roles on delivery tables throughout the U.S. midwest where she performed and produced 10 children, 6 boys, no lamps & 4 girls, that's the breakdown!

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