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"Bootless Dreams" by Keerthi Iyer


Title image shows a large number of birds lifting off from and flying near to a rooptop balcony.

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Published August 31, 2021

Bootless Dreams

by Keerthi Iyer
(Mumbai, India)

Bootless dreams
In the slumbering memory of filtered past
Glassy shadows
Creeps through those eerie little holes
Glinting upside
The sealed Facets of lost mourns
Mirroring back all the lost chances
Bent and twisted in Utopia now, so pleasant
Churned out all the poison that glittered
Of all the love, mayhem and lives
Still steely enough to be tossed up in silent resilience
Turning all the hurt inside out
Chipping through the pieces of will all the way
For a normal new – incomplete yet strong
Brimming within life's hot brew

My name is Keerthi Iyer and my poem 'Nourishing Tears' was published in Poetry Society of India and I write quotes for

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