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"Sure Thing" by Megha Anne


Title image shows a large number of birds lifting off from and flying near to a rooptop balcony.

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Published January 1, 2022

Sure Thing

by Megha Anne
(New Delhi, India)

It is that with which the wind blows
And the snowflakes carry from the skies above
The mountains echo in their deep crevasses
The sky in her blue blue lap
The child has in her smile
The earth in her soil
The dog in my arms
The smell of rain
The mist of pain
The hand hold

The breathing –

It is a gift.

Megha Anne is a writer and a serious dog lover. She loves hiking and watching the moods of the sunlight play on hilltops and meadows. She has been a mountain child for as long as she can remember. Her family, including her dog, Coco is a family of travellers. Megha loves writing and believes that words help steer her imagination.

This poem is included in Poetry World #2, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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