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"My Life Saviour" by Karthika Lakshminarayanan


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Published May 1, 2022

My Life Saviour

by Karthika Lakshminarayanan
(Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, India)

It is a requital to microbe.
For reinvigorating my soul,
For performing resuscitation to my ignorance.

You, mycobacterium tuberculosis, my pedagogue.
An instance for blessing in disguise.
Indoctrinate the significance of gratitude.
Affected my lungs, enlightened my brain,
That breathing is a blessing!

Seeing me with you,
The humans say, "she's suffering;"
I retort, "I am acquiring wisdom",
Which the human race failed to preach to me.
The humans say, "her years of education are ruined;"
I retort, "my objective is sculpted,"
Which is to become a writer!

For coming ungrudgingly into my body,
For teaching all the precious lessons,
For giving content to write my book,
For making me the best version of myself,
For leaving me as soon as your mission is accomplished,
For everything, I owe you a huge thanks.
If that word is sufficient to express my indebtedness!

My name is Karthika Lakshminarayanan, an English literature student & MDR-TB survivor. I love reading and writing. I want to write a novel based on my life experiences & publish it.

This poem is included in Poetry World #3, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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