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"Evolving as a Minority in View of String Theory Democracy" by Sara Batool


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Published January 1, 2023

Evolving as a Minority in View of String Theory Democracy

by Sara Batool
(New Delhi, India)

One day, in this glass-tank-aquarium-world
we were convinced was one whole universe
from multiple universes of glasses-tanks-aquariums-worlds;
one day, when I was brave,
the sparks of my anger became bigger and
bigger, and natural selection chose this
to be the part of me that survived,
made it out in the world.
That was how I became a jellyfish
lying on its back and front in the ocean.

Five faces that couldn't be told apart
and a sting for a body;
wouldn't you, too, envy such an existence?

Sara Batool is a student of literature at the University of Delhi, and writes short stories, poetry, and other forms of creative expression that she chances upon from time to time. She likes to discover new things and aspires to write a novel someday.

This poem is included in Poetry World #5, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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