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Published September 1, 2021

Another Day

by Alexandra Leon
(Miami, Florida, USA)

Dawn is breaking,
And the dark clouds of night
Timidly retreat to their daytime rendezvous,
Dreaming of tomorrow's exciting rainbow
Of colors for the sunset.

Fishermen have already left their safe harbor
And speed toward unknown challenges,
As their wives turn over in bed,
Trying to steal fifteen minutes of quiet surrender
Before the demanding children
Come charging into their rooms
With complaints and requests.

Bakers have almost finished
Their first batch of goodies,
And the aroma is contagious,
Forcing a taste.
Bundled newspapers sit,
Delivered to their customary locations.

Weary subway riders, eyes half closed,
Sway back and forth,
As the train rips through
Its underground channels.

Bright bushy-tailed news commentators
Banter their wares
With seeming glee to be alive-
Difficult to absorb for most of us
So early.

Yes, it is about to happen.
Another day,
Another day has finally arrived.
Another day!

Alexandra Leon: Miamian making a living out of a monopolistic market. Lives in Florida with nine fishes and two siblings. Desires to design a living piece of poetry. Add on Instagram: sweetalex_andra.

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