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"The Marshes of the Everglades" by Alexandra Leon


Title image shows a field of coloured flowers in long rows, each row a different bright colour.

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Published August 31, 2021

The Marshes of the Everglades

by Alexandra Leon
(Miami, Florida, USA)

As we smoothly slide through the marshes
Of the everglades,
The only sound is the silent surrender
Of the tall weeds
Which part automatically
As our boatman steers our tiny vessel
Through uncharted sections of this
Vast and beautiful seascape
Which has remained in this poetic form
Since eternity.

It is early afternoon,
And the relentless sun
Is playing hide and seek
With the newly painted white clouds
Which sandwich
This world between the
Sky and their reflection
In the marshes.
Time has no meaning,
Anger no followers,
Fear unheard of,
This beauty is to be absorbed,
To be molded
Into each of us
And return us,
With this memory

Alexandra Leon: Miamian making a living out of a monopolistic market. Lives in Florida with nine fishes and two siblings. Desires to design a living piece of poetry. Add on Instagram: sweetalex_andra.

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