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"Clare Island Bay" by Dean Monaghan


Title image shows 'Sfera con Sfera', a sculpture located at Trinity College, Dublin.

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Published September 1st, 2023

Clare Island Bay

by Dean Monaghan
(Skerries, County Dublin, Ireland)

Verse 1

I will arise and depart now and depart to the verdant surrounds of Clare Island Bay,
In the shade of a willow tree, a small, white-washed house, built there of brick, stone, and mortar made,
With a shade of yellow thatched roof in God's view,
With purple loosestrife and Irish Heather scattered all around the glade,

Verse 2

And I will have some silence there, for silence comes descendingly unhurried,
Descending from the canopy at the dawn of every day, to where the Kestrel sings,
As the elegantly placed stars shimmer along in the dead of the night, to unveil Andromeda Galaxy in the Milky Way,
And noontime stunning purple violet hazy skyline,

Verse 3

In the evening time the Sparrow hawk, Guillemot, and Puffin wings eagerly come out to play,
I will arise and depart now as it is always on my mind night and day,
I hear the sea waters come crashing behind Napoleonic Tower with a vainglorious sound,
The sea cliffs look mossy mustard green in the reflective light in front of Granuaile Castle,

Verse 4

I will arise and depart now and depart to the verdant surrounds of Clare Island Bay,
As I stand in an Urban Jungle on a leafless grey November day,
As I wait on the train and tram,
As my joyous heart starts to flutter, as I am soon on my way.

My name is Dean Monaghan. I have been published three times in Skerries News and three times in America. I had a very traumatic life from the age of five onwards. I try to use my past to write the best poems and express myself that way. I am also a good footballer and played all my life. My jobs have been as colorful as my life such as working on building sites, as a bartender, a computer software tester, and teaching computers to visually impaired students. But now and for the last two years, I consider myself a writer and Poet.

This poem is included in Poetry World #7, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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