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"Truth to Power" by Steven Bonato


Title image shows a row of modern windmills at dawn, with the sun rising.

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Published September 1st, 2023

Truth to Power

by Steven Bonato
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

The happiness that we sacrifice. For the material world by which we are enticed. We forsake spirit, Love, and joy. In pursuit of the next shiny toy. For things that are little more than dust. But chase them with all our energy, we must.

Dangled like puppets on strings. We mindlessly heed power's beckoning. We regard them as elite. They care nothing for us. As we struggle and toil, they are non-fussed. They gain power in our suffering. We aimlessly stumble along to exist in slumbering. They confuse us in division. To mire us in indecision.

Or it would be so easy for us to see. That they are clearly the enemy. To be pulled down from their golden pedestal. No longer in control of a world they've made inhospitable. This life would become ours in which to live beautifully. No longer slaves serving dutifully.

We would be free to Love one another. Loving siblings under Father Sky and Earth Mother.

I'm Steven Bonato. I have been a firefighter with Richmond Fire Rescue for the past eighteen years. While firefighting pays my bills, my true passion lies in writing. Until recently that amounted to producing an occasional short story every few years. The creative energy seemed to only come in sporadic spurts. Until recently that is. In the last few months, I have written close to fifty poems. This is just one of many.

This poem is included in Poetry World #7, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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