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A Trio of Photos by Biagio Fortini


Title image shows an urban scene at sunset, bicycles leaning against a rail in the foreground, old-style windmill in the background.

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Published May 1st, 2023

A Trio of Photos by Biagio Fortini

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In the background, a white sky, a beige brick building with a grey domed roof.
		In front of the building, are bookends of two thick green trees, sculpted into the shape of Christmas trees.
		In front of the trees, and comprising the bottom half of the image, is a circular pool of water, ringed by grass, with a moss stone fountain in the middle.
		A single spout of water shoots from the fountain.
		The Christmas trees, building, and sky are reflected in the pool of water. "Reflections"

A grey, desolate sky over frothy, stormy waves.
		In the foreground, an abandoned beach, a lone straw-thatched permanent beach umbrella.
		In front of the umbrella, mix of sand and pools of ice. "Waiting for Summer"

A calm beach with low waves at low light.
		The sun hovers over the horizon, wrapped in an aura of layers of light, shooting out a glare in six directions.
		The sky is clear.
		Clouds keep to a low line at the horizon. "After the Storm"

Biagio Fortini was born in Ripalta Cremasca, a village in the province of Cremona. His passion for photography has led him to travel to many countries around the world. His works are part of various anthologies and websites in Italy and abroad. The images of his photographs have become covers of over thirty-five literary works of poetry and prose published in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Philippines, and India.

These photos are featured in Poetry World #6, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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