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"Symphony of Hope" by Nkoyo O. Nsa


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Published September 1st, 2023

Symphony of Hope

by Nkoyo O. Nsa
(Odukpani, Cross River, Nigeria)

Behold! The dawn of a new day,
With hope's bright rays in full display,
A symphony of life anew,
Unfolding with a wondrous view.

The sun ascends with golden light,
Dispelling darkness, chasing night,
Birds awaken with joyful trills,
Nature's orchestra, a chorus thrills.

Leaves unfurl, flowers bloom,
Nature's palette, a vibrant plume,
Life's rhythm beats in perfect time,
A symphony of nature's prime.

In bustling cities, busy streets,
People hustling to their feats,
Dreams and aspirations soar,
A symphony of life's grandeur.

Hands clasped in love, hearts entwined,
A bond that's strong, forever bind,
Promises made, vows spoken true,
A symphony of love, anew.

In the face of challenges, we stand strong,
With courage, we'll overcome the wrong
United, we'll weather any storm,
A symphony of resilience, a powerful form.

As we journey through life's ebb and flow,
Hope shines bright, a guiding light
Build the world we desire.

Nkoyo O. Nsa is a free spirited black Efik lady, who finds inspiration and muse from the simplest things in life. She is a poet, motivational writer, and a daughter. As a child, poetry has been her way of accessing the world, giving her portion, and filling every gap necessary as she writes on every aspect. Poetry is a breath of fresh air, a safe space, and a friend.

This poem is included in Poetry World #7, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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