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Published January 15th, 2024

The Eye

by Nkoyo Nsa

International eye, what is your profit?
Do you see the world with clarity and truth,
Or is your vision clouded by greed and deceit?

You claim to bring us news from every corner,
But do you truly hold the power of information?
You flash images of war and destruction,

Exploiting the pain and suffering of others.
Your headlines scream of scandal and despair,
Feeding our hunger for sensationalism.

But where is the balance, the unbiased view,
That allows us to form our own opinions?
You dance to the tune of political agendas,
Manipulating the narrative to suit your masters.

You sow the seeds of division and mistrust,
Fanning the flames of hatred and fear.
What about the stories of hope and unity,
That can inspire and bring us together?
International eye, you hold immense power,
To shape the minds and hearts of millions.

But with great power comes great responsibility,
To seek the truth and uphold justice.
Will you use your influence for the greater good,
Or will you succumb to the temptations of profit?

Let not your bottom line dictate your principles,
For integrity and honesty should be your guide
Give voice to the voiceless, shine light in the darkness,
And let the world see its reflection in your lens.

International eye, it's time to choose,
To be a force for good or a tool of manipulation
So, let your headlines be a call for unity,
Your stories a celebration of our shared humanity.

Break free from the shackles of bias and corruption,
And let the truth be your ultimate devotion.
International eye, what is your profit?
May it be measured in justice, compassion, and peace.

About the Poet
Nkoyo Nsa resides in Odukpani, Cross River, Nigeria.
Read the poet's biography on Nkoyo Nsa's Artist Page.

This poem is included in Comet #1, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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