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Published September 1st, 2023

Poetry Contest #17 – First Place

Day In, Day Out

by Jacky Gounden
(Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)

Focus, focus, is all they say,
Work, work, there's no time to play.
There are targets to meet,
Competitors to beat.
No time to laugh, no time to cheer,
Deadlines, deadlines, that's all you hear.

Forget about that pain in your chest,
Forget about your children's test.
There's minutes to type, emails to send,
Costs to recover, meetings to attend.
The clock is ticking, the minutes go by,
No time to say no, no time to ask why.

Loosen your tie, you pain may ease,
Don't worry about the kids, just think of their fees.
Now answer that phone, and remember one thing,
Don't shout, don't curse, the customer is king!
Skip that lunch, time is short,
The boss is yelling, Get that report!

You grab your chest, you gasp for air,
You know it's over, it's not another scare.
You close your eyes and start to wonder...
Was my wife, right? Will I be just a number?

My name is Jacky Gounden, born in the beautiful mother city of Cape Town in South Africa. I have always loved playing with words, drafting an odd poem or paragraph here and there just for the fun of it. I must admit though, there has always been a desire to experiment with words on a deeper level. Perhaps, I will do so soon, even if just as a distraction from the hustle and bustle of normal daily life.

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