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"Today I stargazed and saw my daughter in a moon crater" by Daphne Harries


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Published September 1st, 2023

Under 25 Poetry Contest #4 – First Place

Today I stargazed and saw my daughter in a moon crater

by Daphne Harries
(Pocklington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England)

I dipped my toes in a frozen lake
But no one saw me shiver.
Saturn has eighty three moons,
And like myself, twenty are lost.
Speculum metal bands on our twinning index finger,
Prometheus' gaze lingering.
The closest NASA bot chimed your eulogy,
Carving an epitaph into a distant constellation.
A congregation of static,
My body sinks into the barren abundance.

Daphne Harries is a Welsh and Australian writer currently living in East Yorkshire. A commended Foyle Young Poet, her work can be found elsewhere in Acumen, Eponym, and several other publications. When she isn't penning a poem, Daphne can be found reading Elizabethan poetry or baking bread.

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