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Published January 15th, 2024

Nigerian Youths

by Nkoyo Nsa

In the land of Nigeria, vibrant and bold,
Lives a generation of youths, strong and untold
With dreams in their hearts and fire in their eyes,
They seek a future where their spirits can rise.
From Lagos to Kano, from Port Harcourt to Enugu.

Their voices are rising, let their passion flow.
In schools and universities, they strive for knowledge,
Harnessing their potential to build a better age.
They embrace diversity, a nation of many tribes,
United they stand, breaking stereotypes and bribes.

They dance to Afrobeat, their rhythms so divine,
Celebrating their culture, a treasure that's truly fine.
Amidst the challenges they face, they remain resilient,
Overcoming obstacles with a spirit brilliant.
Entrepreneurs, innovators, they create their own fate,
Building startups and businesses, a path they navigate.

With social media as their platform, they share their voice,
Demanding justice, equality, and the right choice.
They fight for human rights, a society fair and free,
Shaping the narrative of a future they long to see.
They embrace technology, the digital frontier,
Coding and programming, with vision crystal clear.

They build apps and websites, empowering the nation,
Transforming lives through innovation's foundation.
Nigerian youths, a force to reckon with,
Their dreams and aspirations, they'll never let slip.

They have the power to rewrite their story,
To bring forth progress, and bask in glory.
Let's support their dreams, inspire their flight,
Provide opportunities and shine a guiding light.
For in their hands lies the destiny of the land,
Nigerian youths, with you, the future shall expand.

So rise, oh Nigerian youths, let your voices be heard,
Let your passion ignite, let your dreams be stirred.
Together, united, you hold the key,
To a prosperous Nigeria, for all to see.

About the Poet
Nkoyo Nsa resides in Odukpani, Cross River, Nigeria.
Read the poet's biography on Nkoyo Nsa's Artist Page.

This poem is included in Poetry World #8, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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