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Published January 15th, 2024

Power Out

by Sarah Namondo

Without any notice, many times the power goes out.
Leaving everyone in darkness at night and a few jobless during the day.
Provoking fear to cross the dark corner for those who are not yet home after dusk.
Somehow, it encourages Robert, the jobless thief, and his friends to attack lone by-passers.

Some days, pretentious apologies from politicians are sent hours or days after the outage.
Yet, preparation for repairs and its return is unclear for civilian minds to understand.
Every power out, regular ones, we must wait indefinitely in silence.
The uncertainty about the hour of the day eats our minds like a termite on our almost broken beds.

Like the devil, it comes to steal a few minutes of our entertainment time.
During weekdays, it kills workers who rely on it, like liquid poison.
It took the smiles of celebrants at many events because of its unexpected arrival.
Power out is almost a routine, leaving many upset and frustrated.

Everyone anticipates its return impatiently, wishing it will never go again.
Several have affirmed that they hope it will be stable for at least a year.
Hopeless dreams that seem impossible, because politicians are chewing the national gum
but refusing to blow the bubble.
The shouts of joy at every return almost seem to be like those of lottery winners.

Power should not be out almost every day, we all speak to ourselves, wondering aloud.
Who is supposed to make it stable? The question no one has found an answer to.
Could ignorance or mismanagement be the problem? Another unaddressed concern.
Power on always is what the people desire. Give them the critical need.

About the Poet
Sarah Namondo resides in Mount Cameroon, Buea, Cameroon.
Read the poet's biography on Sarah Namondo's Artist Page.

This poem is included in Comet #1, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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