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"Ode to the Not-So-Perfect Crush" by Mary Ini Okaka


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Published May 1st, 2023

Ode to the Not-So-Perfect Crush

by Mary Ini Okaka
(Benin City, Edo, Nigeria)

To the not-so-perfect crush
that this quirky girl is slowly falling in love with,
this feeling is new
and weird.
You were never more than just a friend,
but I find myself thinking about you more and more these days.
It's not that we are getting closer –
I feel like we are drifting apart with each passing day,
slowly approaching the rough rapids of "being strangers".
But, maybe that's it.
Maybe, our widening rift is slowly turning into a new bridge, with each inch...
Maybe all our unspoken words will travel through the rapids
and meet on this bridge,
and whisper sweet things.
Maybe these sweet things slowly wrap our hearts with warmth
and make our love blossom.
Maybe, all these things happen in our mind
Dear not-so-perfect crush,
This feeling may pass – they say love never lasts.
But for this moment, I think of you, and a fairytale ending for us.
It may or may not be – that doesn't bother me.
For this moment it is.
That for me, is enough.

Mary Ini Okaka is an over-imaginative writer with an English Education degree from the University of Benin, who dreams of winning an Oscar. Her only claim to fame is her novel published in Inkitt, The Game Club. She currently resides in her home country, Nigeria, where she is interning for a career in media. When she isn't writing out her soul, she is reading or working or sleeping.

This poem is included in Poetry World #6, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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