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"The Struggle" by Farrahd Williams


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Published September 1st, 2023

The Struggle

by Farrahd Williams
(Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)

In South Africa, a story of history unfolds,
Of triumphs and struggles, of stories less told,
Of a land once divided, by race and hate,
And of those who fought, to change their fate.

It began with the Khoisan, who roamed the land,
Then came the colonialists, with their iron hands,
They brought slaves from afar, to work the soil,
And in time, the Zulus and Xhosas began to boil.

Wars were fought, and blood was shed,
But freedom was earned, by the brave and steadfast,
From Mandela to Sisulu, their names echo on,
Their spirit of defiance, not easily gone.

The system of Apartheid, with its cruel design,
Severed families and left hearts to pine,
But the people rose up, with a fierce might,
To fight for equality and justice's right.

The Sharpeville massacre, a turning point,
Showed the world the cruelties, they would no longer anoint,
The voices of the oppressed, echoed loud and clear,
As they fought for freedom, through pain and fear.

In '94, the Rainbow nation was born,
As Mandela took the oath, with his heart worn,
A new dawn had come, with equality and peace,
And hope for a future, that was finally released.

South Africa's history is a story of power,
Of resilience, and strength, in a world that once cowered,
May the lessons we learn, from its struggles and strife,
Guide us forward, as we seek love and life.

My name is Farrahd Williams. I am a 19 year old college student who fell in love with poetry growing up. I grew up in a family with seven siblings which gave me the insight of how different people's perspectives of the world are. I write poems about experiences, be it my own or that of others and I share that through the words I write.

This poem is included in Poetry World #7, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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