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"More Is Yet to Come" by Jarrod Payne


Title image shows water in the foreground, a science building and apartments in the background.

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Published May 15th, 2024

Vancouver Poetry Magazine Contest #1 – First Place

More Is Yet to Come

by Jarrod Payne

This man & his wet demeanour,
Were once a fantastic boy,
& his best before date

He played between the walls of yes & no,
Hiding amongst the maybe,
Where ideas bloomed from soulless rooms,
Finding comfort in curiosity,

Puddles grew past a place to splash,
From then he started thinking,
More is more than he can handle,
More is yet to come,

Today you see what no one guessed,
Tomorrow it will worsen,
Resulting in the final blow,
He's cursed to be a person.

About the Poet
Jarrod Payne resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Read the poet's biography on Jarrod Payne's Artist Page.

This poem is also featured in Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #4, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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