Wax Mag #3 –

"Functional Seizures and Other Poems" by Beth Greenwood


Title image shows the Sheringham Lighthouse on Vancouver Island. The lighthouse tower is painted white.
	The lantern section at the top is painted red.
	The lighthouse sits atop a rocky outcrop overlooking calm water.
	In the distance, a blue mountain range forms a horizon line over the water.

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Published January 15th, 2024

Featured Poet Contest #3 – First Place

Functional Seizures and Other Poems

by Beth Greenwood

Functional Seizures

My body spasms and shakes,
Pain overtakes, my nerves quake.
With despair I rush to A&E,
But they dismiss my seizures, can't they see?
They say it's all in my head,
But the agony is all too real and widespread.
Ignored and misunderstood, I feel so alone,
Functional seizures are no joke, this I've known.

OCD Breakdown

Mind is too numb to care,
As OCD consumes the air.
I only see myself in the cracks,
Of a mirror that constantly attacks.

The world fades away from view,
As obsessions become my glue.
I try to break free, but I'm stuck,
Trapped in a cycle of bad luck.

Eventually it all fades,
This horrible game of charades,
Trying to be fine,
Emotions at a ten or a nine.

Left to see myself in the mirror,
Every crack, a perfect error;
The pain cuts deep, yet I stay aware,
Mind is too numb to care.


Barren trees and icy splinters,
Silence reigns supreme without a whisper,
The world is hushed, devoid of sound,
As snowy landscapes stretch miles around.

In solitude with my own mind I find solace,
Embraced by the stillness, I am at peace,
No distraction, no noise to interfere,
Just silence and snow – so pure and clear.

About the Poet
Beth Greenwood resides in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.
Read the poet's biography on Beth Greenwood's Artist Page.

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