Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #3 –

"Remain True to the Earth" by Nutmeg Hill


Title image shows the Sheringham Lighthouse on Vancouver Island. The lighthouse tower is painted white.
	The lantern section at the top is painted red.
	The lighthouse sits atop a rocky outcrop overlooking calm water.
	In the distance, a blue mountain range forms a horizon line over the water.

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Published January 15th, 2024

Poetry Contest #18 – Second Place

Remain True to the Earth

by Nutmeg Hill

And in dreams I saw
A spider cocooned
In mud and branches
With an ivy leaf heart
And to me it exclaimed
The welcoming of our
final violent death
"Multitudes of solitude grows.
A pristine river
From which oil flows
Like obsidian arteries,
Which feeds an engorged heart.
The great leviathan, Apollo
Vivisecting joy, extremity
With slow violence
And spectacular might."

About the Poet
Nutmeg Hill resides in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
Read the poet's biography on Nutmeg Hill's Artist Page.

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